Friday, February 19, 2010

Makes it all worth it

There are two places I feel most at peace driving. One is highway 255 between Arcata and Samoa in the morning. Pastures and the morning sun hitting the bay make for a pleasant drive to work. The other is up our gravel road, especially this time of year. The azalea, daffodils and trees are in bloom, with the rodies not far behind. It makes the amount of digging the past week worth it (along with the glorious sun and warmth today). A total of ten wheelbarrows of weeds were taken out the beds. Tomorrow I will plant the rest of the strawberries and my February to do list is finished.

The greenhouse got a tune-up today. Andrew sprayed insulation into the cracks and I added covers to the starts to help keep them warm. I can almost taste the sugar snap peas! Now onto the rest of the weeding and mulching once Andrew fixes the biodiesel clogged fuel system. Yes biodiesel does not sit well in a tractor gas tank during the winter.

The biggest accomplishment of the day was beginning the chicken/duck coop. Posts set, chicken wire cemented in a trough 8 inches in the ground. It will take quite a bit of digging by a bear, coon, fox and (hopefully not this year) mountain lion to get at Owen's new "friends/hugglies". Owen helped all morning, moving the limbs of three redwood trees, clearing the area, and helping daddy pound in the stakes. I had to move the terrarium to the garden today as Owen was catching "little fellas"/banana slugs. Luckily he did not see his mother taking the shovel to the ones I found in the greenhouse.

It has been wonderful working outside with Andrew the past two weekends! I miss our quality time during the short, rainy days of winter. We are that weird couple who would rather spend our days working together than getting dressed up and going out. We are looking forward to the bonfires later this week as Scott comes to burn the logging slash. Then the fun begins with the addition of new trails...

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  1. sounds like a good life sis...wish i was there. but living vicariously through your blog is almost just as good :)