Monday, March 8, 2010

Hurry before the rain comes!

Last weekend I was lulled into a false sense of security with the glorious weather on Saturday. Fun and sun with friends in Salyer. Owen was thrilled to be chasing chickens, wild turkeys and older girls (he is infatuated with them). On the drive home, I couldn't believe my luck-two days off still with this weather! Pop to my dream bubble. I was informed to check my blackberry for the weather report-rain and lots of it.
Sunday was spent working a little on the chicken coop and getting more starts going in the greenhouse. I may put netting over the chicken coop as the ospreys have returned and their neimsis the red-tail hawk is circling the pastures. Last year we had a 10 lb. robin! Well probably not, but the fattest I have ever seen and I put netting over the fencing which worked well to keep the berries in place. I sometimes feel we have a fortress protecting our crops-but it is necessary as bucky is hanging around with 3 does.
The sprayed insulation was doing its job in the greenhouse-95% germination so far(yes I can be a math geek at times)! Owen was thrilled to plant his sunflowers and cosmos for mommy. The rest of the afternoon was my workout. I turned all the soil in three of the beds ready for month for planting!

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